Contribute to the Summer Prophecy

We've learned from Jack's Letter to Demigods that for the first time in Camp Half-Blood's history, the Oracle has failed to deliver our Summer Prophecy. We don't have to tell you that this is bad news. But we are Demigods, and we do not accept defeat. So that's where you come in...

Your Instructions

We need your help in creating our own Summer Prophecy this year. If each of us contributes one line, we might be able to piece together a message that might just help us predict what dangers await Camp Half-Blood this summer.

In your one line of Prophecy, share your favorite past moment or most heroic achievement at Camp Half-Blood. If we can collect and study our memories and accomplishments from past summers, we might be able to foresee what lies ahead for Summer 2017.

With your Mortal Parent's help, use the form below to contribute your Prophecy line.

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