Letter to Demigods

Greetings! This is where you will find many important Demigod updates including our Summer Prophecy, strange messages or puzzles we receive that need to be decoded, urgent messages from the battlefront, and much more. So stay tuned, and stay brave.

Summer 2017 Thank You

Bravest Demigods,

This past summer began in peril for Camp Half-Blood Brooklyn when the Oracle went missing, a strange King gave us an even stranger prophecy, and near our camp borders, we spotted monsters that hadn't been seen in ages. The danger was imminent, and the future was uncertain.

But then you all arrived with hope in your eyes and courage in your hearts. Over 9 weeks of non-stop action and adventure, you defeated the tyrannical King Minos and managed to stop Kronos and his evil plot to alter our world.

Along the way, you all made magic happen at camp: the most beautiful Nymph Houses we've ever seen, epic sword duels, and forged weapons and armor worthy of Hephaestus himself. And, you wrote and told stories that held us captive and reminded us of the power of words.

We are so proud to call you all true Heroes now, and we cannot wait to see you next summer for another crazy adventure.

Your biggest fans,
-Team Half-Blood

The Summer's Journey