Letter to Demigods

UPDATE: King Minos' Prophecy

At this year's Opening Ceremony, Tim and Alex were about to introduce the messenger sent to find the Oracle, who had an update on the Oracle's whereabouts.

Instead, in barged a fur-coat-wearing King Minos, as well as Python acting a sort of bodyguard for him. Minos told us they had "taken care" of our messenger, and had their own message to deliver. Minos declared himself the "King of Brooklyn," and meanwhile Python announced he would be "stepping down" as protector of the Oracle.

After almost being attacked by a mysterious assassin (who Python quickly dispatched of), Minos delivered a speech that he claimed to be our replacement Summer Prophecy, since our Oracle had not yet given us one. Here is what Minos' Prophecy said:

Though darkness has befallen camp,
in all our hearts there shines a lamp,
the light that glows in your half-blood,
can shine through rocks and beasts and floods,
so do not fear, the future's bright
I see it with my kingly sight,
Just fun and laughter in the park,
just sun and light and nothing dark,
You'll find no monsters, they've all fled,
so if you do, it's all in your head,
and if the world starts seeming crueler,
just always trust your king and ruler.

Needless to say, this Prophecy is more positive than any we've ever received before, which immediately invites some doubt. But we need your help to figure out exactly what's going on, and how we're going to handle it.

Stay brave out there, Demigods, and if we are seeing you at camp this summer, come prepared for anything...

Jack's Letter: Spring 2017

Dear Demigods of Camp Half-Blood,

Every year before camp begins we humbly ask the Oracle of Delphi for insight into the fate of our camp. This insight comes in the form of a Prophecy. You’ve read them. The Oracle has long been a trusted friend and close personal ally, who goes to great lengths to generously share their power with us. Those of you who have been with us before know how thankful we are for this gift. And, while we can never be certain of what's to come tomorrow, or even a few minutes from now, the Oracle’s insight is a source of strength, of comfort.

So, it is with great sadness and no small amount of fear that I must report to you, dear demigods, that we have not received our Prophecy for the coming summer and the messenger we sent to Delphi has disappeared. In the many years Camp Half-Blood has defended Prospect Park, we have never once received our prophecy late. I fear something sinister may have befallen them, though as a Son of Ares and avowed Hunter of Orion, I can't be certain. Transcendence is not in my power.

Alas, let us remain optimistic about the situation, as that is what the Oracle would have advised. Hermes is looking into the matter of our lost messenger, who is hopefully just stuck in the mud somewhere in the woods. So for now we will keep the faith!

Here’s hoping you have all been well, and are ready once again to defend Brooklyn from the (under) world's most powerful monsters. I will send another letter as soon as this current matter is put to rest.

In the meantime, Be Brave, Be True, Your Friend,
- Jack