Letter to Demigods

Dear Demigods of Camp Half-Blood

Every year before camp begins we humbly ask the Oracle of Delphi for insight into the fate of our camp. This insight comes in the form of a Prophecy. You’ve read them. The Oracle has long been a trusted friend and close personal ally, who goes to great lengths to generously share their power with us. Those of you who have been with us before know how thankful we are for this gift. And, while we can never be certain of what's to come tomorrow, or even a few minutes from now, the Oracle’s insight is a source of strength, of comfort.

So, it is with great sadness and no small amount of fear that I must report to you, dear demigods, that we have not received our Prophecy for the coming summer and the messenger we sent to Delphi has disappeared. In the many years Camp Half-Blood has defended Prospect Park, we have never once received our prophecy late. I fear something sinister may have befallen them, though as a Son of Ares and avowed Hunter of Orion, I can't be certain. Transcendence is not in my power.

Alas, let us remain optimistic about the situation, as that is what the Oracle would have advised. Hermes is looking into the matter of our lost messenger, who is hopefully just stuck in the mud somewhere in the woods. So for now we will keep the faith!

Here’s hoping you have all been well, and are ready once again to defend Brooklyn from the (under) world's most powerful monsters. I will send another letter as soon as this current matter is put to rest.

In the meantime, Be Brave, Be True, Your Friend,
- Jack

Announcing our New


Danger we’ve never seen before has descended on Camp Half-Blood. The Nature Spirits are plagued with misery, the Oracle is suddenly unable to prophesize, and, worst of all, the Olympians have gone missing. They were last seen together preparing for the Spring Festival of Rhea on Mount Olympus, but no one has heard from any of them since... We need your help to figure out what kind of mischief is afoot, and how to stop it.
Camp Half-Blood's Spring Adventure will be a 5-day journey for answers from April 10-14 in Prospect Park, from 8:30 am to 5 pm each day.  We will start the week with all our normal Demigod training activities, and then head out on a Quest to discover what is causing such epic disorder in the park.