Theater – Reenactments of classic Greek dramas plus original works created from the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus book series.’ Instructional work to include improvisation, voice-over, costuming, and script-writing.

Forging – Shield and sword-making classes to include design, pattern-making, wood-cutting, and final assembly.

Ancient Greek Crafts – Inspired by classic stories and artifacts, we’ll ‘build’ the Parthenon, construct a labyrinth, make Grecian pottery, masks and musical instruments.

Myth-Writing – Documenting through words and pictures the stories of our quests (real and imagined) as a way to warn other Demi-Gods of impending danger plus hone skills for those monstrous yearly exams.

Listen as demi-God Margot Adler, campers and Senior Counselor Jason McConnell explain (among other things) our rules of engagement: A ‘Percy Jackson’ Summer Camp Thrives In Brooklyn.