Our story

Camp Half-Blood Brooklyn's growth has been faster than Hermes in a hundred-meter dash. Through it all, we have kept the same core ideals and values of that first season alive. If you'd like to know more about our mission and our history, read on.

Who are we?

Camp Half-Blood is an active literary summer camp where mythological stories of gods and goddesses, monsters and heroes leap off the page and into our camp adventures. Our team brings to life stories from the ancient world and uses them as a foundation to promote reading engagement, develop a love for storytelling and active play, and build the framework for discovering the hero within us all.

Our Origins

Camp Half-Blood is born of the popular Percy Jackson Chronicles, a young adult series by Rick Riordan. In Rick’s world and ours, the ancient gods and goddesses of Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology are real and alive in the 21st century, as well as the monsters and enemies trying to bring them down. Camp Half-Blood is the place where young Demigods train to become heroes, like Hercules and Perseus, eventually going on Quests to stop mythological foes from wreaking havoc in the mortal world.  Crystal Bobb-Semple (founder, CEO, and mortal moniker for the Goddess Persephone) was the owner and operator of a bookstore in Brooklyn when she decided it was time to make the Summer Camp for these young heroes of fiction an exciting reality here in New York City.

What do we do?

Camp Half Blood has grown exponentially over the last 10 years due to its amazing staff and engaging program. Counselors bring stories to life through immersive lessons and activities ranging from theater to swordplay and even ancient Greek arts & crafts. A new narrative tied to mythology is created and performed each week featuring gods, goddesses and monsters in the form of a Quest that every camper is given the opportunity to embark on. On Quests, campers are challenged mentally and physically to confront mythological monsters and test their heroic resolve. Should they complete their quest they will return as heroes, and create new legends of their own to tell their friends for years to come.