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Read what mortal parents have to say when their heroes return home from a week at
Camp Half-Blood.

From Our Parents

"Just wanted to let you know that we are huge fans of what you do and who you have recruited to do it. We weren’t first into the fire, but found it hard to resist over time. So many of our friends raved about CHB, so many of my son’s friends preached the gospel. As I mentioned to you before we signed up, I really wasn’t sure if it was going to be the right fit for my son.  Now, on the final day of his three weeks with you, I am very proud to report, it is (and he can’t wait to return next year). We have watched him mature in amazing ways these three intense and magical weeks. I give a ton of credit to Jack and Chloe. They have ignited his imagination, while recognizing his unique spirit and character. I am truly amazed by the energy and care they bring to their performances. These days are, in my mind, live-action, improvisational theater. And these two, along with many others you have recruited, give their all from the first moment til beyond the last. They have made a huge impression on my son. I think they can feel it. I also want to thank you for hearing me, and others like our family, who sought this experience but were a bit put off by the war-first appearances. The Artemis cabin is a truly magical place, where counselors and campers showed my son a path towards new and wonderful friendships. And, with trivia, and stealth, and roles like ammunition gatherers, even those who typically run from physical contact find themselves very much at home at CHB.

In short, thank you! See you next Summer."

-Jeremy A., parent of a 2016 camper


Park Slope Parents Reviews

"She loved the imagination and the way the camp translated the Percy Jackson books to real camp adventures This is a camp for both girls and boys and it is for kids who like to be active and act out make-believe. The kids are issued swords made from duct tape and foam and engage in play sword fights. My daughter was transported to a different world and was insistent about waking up and getting to camp on time (very unlike school or anything else, for that matter)."

"If you have a child who loves fighting, questing and all things Greek mythology, Camp Half Blood is perfection. This is my oldest son's third year attending and he'll be back again next year. It's incredibly creative, so well organized, and the staff is wonderful. The first year we went, my son hadn't even read the Percy Jackson books [which this camp is based on]- although now he has, and is mildly obsessed- so you don't need to be a Percy Jackson fan to appreciate how fun this camp is. Every day there are greek mythology themed electives- forging, shield making, sword fighting- and every week there is a "quest." There is a lot of running around and my son would always return sweaty, dirty and happy. We'll be sending our middle child next year, and our youngest after that. Highly recommend."

"Outdoors all day. Imaginative fantasy play. Greek mythology. Team building skills. Whether your child read the Percy Jackson books or not, they will love the sword-fighting, shield making, cabin challenges, archery, etc. There is a wide range of ages at the camp but they all seem to work together in a team fashion." 

"My son loves the camp, he says it is "really fun." He says the counselors are "really nice." He gives the camp "5 stars." I like the director, Crystal. She is pleasant, organized and amazingly responsive to emails/calls even with so many campers. The kids are outside all day and unplugged. The kids their imaginations and my son looks forward to his "quest.". The camp has encouraged my son to learn Greek mythology and to read (!). The counselors are courteous and kid friendly."

"We've sent our boys to a lot of cool camps, and this is their all-time favorite, for reasons I don't entirely understand. It seems to hit the sweet spot of enacting their epic fantasies, being creative, and running around like sword-wielding maniacs. Mom loves it because it's literary. Every day after camp they jam their heads into the Riordan books and D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths. We've done it two years in a row (one week each), with plenty of related reading in the off season, and by now they know their mythology inside and out. Five stars."


In the Press

The Land of Always Summer

"Imagine a world where Gods and Goddesses come back to life, mythical quests are lived out during expeditions through an enchanted forest, and great battles occur that rival the Trojan War itself. For [those] who attend Camp Half-Blood  and Camp Jupiter ...  these experiences are a living reality each summer in Prospect Park, Brooklyn."


A 'Percy Jackson' Summer Camp Thrives in Brooklyn

At Camp Half-Blood in Brooklyn, the campers' adventures come right out of Greek mythology. Campers give offerings to the gods before they eat. There are daily quests and even prophesies. The kids say they like the power of the gods and their immortality. In a world filled with video games and superheroes, it's nice to know that these millennia-old deities still have traction.”



At Camp, Make-Believe Worlds Spring Off Page

That morning, the boys had been regular Brooklyn elementary school students at a summer camp in Prospect Park. But now each had been revealed to be a half-blood, with one mortal parent and one who was a god of Greek myth.”

- NY Times


Kids Learn Sword Fighting and Greek Mythology at Camp Half-Blood

Leticia Theodore-Greene, whose daughter has been attending the Prospect Park camp for the past two years, said the experience has helped her 8-year-old, Jordan, grow. ‘The benefits are immeasurable,’ Theodore-Greene said, adding that Jordan will return for a third year this summer. ‘It’s piquing her interest in reading and Greek mythology in a way that is so vastly different than sitting in a classroom with a book. It’s bringing it to life, essentially, and that’s amazing.’”

- DNA Info


This is a really interesting debate in The New Yorker about Percy Jackson as a "gateway" book, but it also happens to have a great quote about our Brooklyn camp!

The Percy Jackson Problem

"Riordan has been admirably encouraging of real-world attempts to bring Camp Half Blood to life: summer camps inspired by his books have sprung up in various locations around the country, including one in Prospect Park that offers its demigod denizens many happy hours of sword fighting, shield-making, quest-following, and capturing the flag. To hear one’s offspring excitedly explain that camp was rained out because Poseidon made it rain, and that Zeus has been throwing thunderbolts, is enough to warm the heart of even the most skeptical defender of the Western literary tradition. If an indelible association between Ares and the Hells Angels lingers in these young readers’ minds, such may be the price of their mythological literacy."

- The New Yorker