Following the story line of the Percy Jackson series, where the demi- Gods are battling monsters to save themselves and mankind from a specific curse, here’s what a typical day looks like:

9 am – Check-in and Daily Quest – each day one group will be chosen to go on a guided one-hour trip through the park with the camp director and two counselors to find hidden clues. We will be using the many references to Greek mythology found throughout Prospect Park as a backdrop to our story.

9:30 am – Remaining Groups practice their “Sword Fighting.” – We have constructed safety swords that will be used to teach the art and develop skills.

10:30 am – Campers return from their Quest and debrief the group on their discoveries. The group then attempts to link these clues to the broader problem and develop strategies for the next day’s quest.

11:00 am – Battle Training (sounds intense, I know) Campers learn how to march and ‘fight’ in classic Greek war formations.

12:00 pm – Lunch

12:30 pm – Craft Making – Over the week campers will make flags, amulets, Pandora’s box, decorate swords and shields and construct a labyrinth.

1:30 – Capture the Flag – Cabin vs. Cabin in this classic game of strategy.

2:30 – Electives – demigods will choose from 4 specialty classes to develop their skills necessary to survive their quest.

3:30 – Skills Test – Each day will culminate with a camp-wide demonstration of the skills learned that day.

4:00 – Wrap Up and Dismissal

*Throughout the week whenever one group is in a special training the others will rotate through a series of other activities like our Chariot Races (we’re using pedi-cabs so it won’t be nearly as fast as it sounds), completing a logic puzzle, storytelling, or creating battle songs.

*There is always sufficient time for water, bathroom breaks and a little downtime just to gather our strength.